Saturday, June 5, 2010


Some highlights from this weekend:

Lots of cute babies at the restaurant.

No A/C in 90 degree weather.

25 customers asking if they could get "just a slice" of pizza....hehe - what will we do with the rest?

A complaining male customer with no shoes on. Is it time to put "No shoes - no service" sign?

Running out of pizza dough on Saturday. Honestly, this one was a blessing of sorts - it made people order panuozzi (sandwiches) which are great but nobody orders them otherwise - everyone always wants pizza. So, this way they had something they otherwise would not have.

A female customer hated one of the wines we had. We love the wine, and customers mostly love it too, but it's not for everybody, I understand. She took few sips and actually returned it to me. And then another customer, in line behind her asked me not to throw it out cuz he'll drink it....Too funny.

A customer leaving a bigger tip than their meal was. We love you mister III.

An amazing number of Italians coming to the restaurant. Who knew there were so many people from Italy in Arlington?

Discovering how much better arancini are when wrapped in prosciutto.

Realizing that the World Cup is coming up and we still don't have a TV. Enzo demands a huge projector on the wall so that he could watch the games while making pizzas.

Most of all, all our patient and gracious customers who withstand the heat, order mistakes, and all the quirks due to the recent opening.