Friday, January 29, 2010

Trip to NAPLES - SEPTEMBER 2009 - part 4: Pizzeria Dal Presidente

This pizzeria is supposed to be one of the best. They claim it's Bill Clinton's favorite place in Naples, that's where it got it's name from.  Enzo apprenticed there few years back.  He was lucky to get that experience -  they taught him  a lot about the dough making process, as well as showed him how to make stuffed rice balls (arancini or palle di riso).  I got pizza with prociutto, arugula and parmesan, and Enzo got a Margherita con Filetti (fresh cherry tomatoes instead of sauce).  The pizza was good.  Not transcending.  I can't say anything bad about it, but something was out of balance.  The crust was just a tad too thick and too dry.  The toppings were great.  The staff - friendly.  They let me take some videos to "mettere langoppo Youtube" (put on Youtube).  It is fascinating how fast they hand-stretch those pizzas and how elegant their movements are.  The videos are on Youtube.

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