Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday with met with the most amazing wine distributor. It's a local family business called Downey Selections run by two siblings and their mom. They import just the right wines from the Campania region, where Naples is located. Wines that are rare to find in the US, but commonly drunk in Naples. They travelled to Campania personally to see the wineries and get to know the makers. Most wineries are small and family-owned.

PUPATELLA is not going to have a huge wine selection, rather, we'd like to have few wines that are authentic to Campania, and most importantly go well with pizza. No, most importantly, very tasty wines :-) We purposely will not have commonly liked wines like merlots, cabernets, pinot grigios, etc. because we want you guys to try something rare that perhaps otherwise you would not.
Also, we are planning to have weekly "wine specials", just like we'll have weekly pizza specials, where we'll bring in some unusual wines for you to try.


  1. We love Campania!!! And we love Pupatella - can't wait for your restaurant in our neighborhood!

  2. Ue' ue'! Are you guys gonna have Gragnano? :)

  3. Ue, Randy!!!! Yes, Gragnano :-) And when are we going to have Randy? With his hot new accessory?